SSL certificate is used to encrypt communication between the user and the website, keeping their information private. Google also ranks websites with SSL certificates better in Google Search.

Long story short

For SSL certificate, hosting companies ask as much as 100$ / year. I offer you the same for only 20$ / year!

On Godaddy, you can get an SSL certificate for 35 € / year, but you have to pay for more than one year in advance and (every year after the first one is 70€ / year).

Other companies aren’t much better as well and I offer you the same thing for as little as 20$ per year.

Where is the catch?

Simply, there is none. Instead of paying for the SSL certificate, I will install a free SSL certificate from it offers the same level of protection and your website will rank higher on Google search, thanks to being protected by SSL.

Why am I asking for money if the certificate is free? Free SSL certificate is valid for only 3 months, so it needs to be updated 4 times a year, and it takes around 20 minutes to update it.


Alternatively, you can buy my Maintenance pack, where for as little as 5$ per Month (60$ / year) you get one hour of work per month (that includes updates, quick fixes, etc…), regular backups and a free SSL certificate.