First, I will test page loading speed using Gtmetrix and based on it’s report recommend you edits that should be done on the website.

GT Metrix speed test results

This usually includes:

  • Removing unnecessary plugins
  • Compressing pictures
  • Moving parts of the home page to different locations (eg. contact form)
  • Setting up Cache System
  • Minifying HTML and CSS
  • Combining JS files
  • Setting up Gzip compression to send data
  • Setting up Broswer Caching

After that I will do another set of Gtmetrix tests to check page loading times in during different parts of day.

If your website has visitors from all over the globe, we can set up Cloud Flare which will serve your website from locations that are closest to the visitor for fastest loading times. TheirĀ  servers are located all over the world.